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Aux Fruits

Yesterday we received some lab supplies from a local company that obviously recycles. While I'm glad they reuse their old cardboard boxes, imagine opening a package where you expect boxes of glassware and seeing a box labeled "Biscuits aux fruits" (fruit bars). Not quite what was expected. And yes, we did get what we needed. Just in a strangely labeled box.

Also, the exceedingly complicated vcr/dvd-recorder combo that my parents bought because their old one farted out on them will now record. It records in poor quality, but at least it does something when the REC button is pushed. Which is more than what it did the first time I pressed it... I don't think I'd make a good tech support person. I can usually figure things out on my own, but telling others how to do it is something else. OTOH, my parents really need a computer of their own, and I don't think I'd mind showing them how to work a new iMac ;)

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