May Book Photo Challenge: Day 6


Day 6‘s challenge: e-reader.

I use the Overdrive app on my iPad, since a lot of my books are digital advance copies from Netgalley with time restrictions. I prefer the e-pub format to Kindle or (shudder) PDF files, since e-pub allows for font size alteration and flips pages with either a tap or a swipe (handy if you’re reading while walking on the treadmill, which I do from time to time). I might even venture to say that most of my books are e-books nowadays–if you can get free-for-a-review electronic copies months before the release date, why wouldn’t you? BTW, you can read my book reviews over at Aspire Reviews.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 5


Feliz Cinco de Mayo! For today’s photo challenge, I picked a book that frequently made me laugh out loud.

“Polka will never die!” If you enjoy sarcastic humor in the face of sure death (and dinosaurs in Chicago), you’ll like Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. DEAD BEAT is #7 in the series, so don’t start there–the first six books have their share of LOL moments and page-turning action too. The 15th book in the series comes out later this month, and I can’t wait!

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 4


Late for Day 4 of May’s book photo challenge: Favorite series.

This one is really hard, because I love so many–how can I pick just one series? But I had to go with Carol Berg’s Lighthouse Duet. Beautiful epic fantasy.

I could have gone with Patrick Rothfuss’ KINGKILLER CHRONICLES, or GRRM’s A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, or Jim Butcher’s DRESDEN FILES or CODEX ALERA, or any of Carol Berg’s other books (try THE BRIDGE OF D’ARNATH series). I just keep going back to these books. They make me happy.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 3


Late, as usual. Challenge day three: quote.

THE FOREVER KING is the first fantasy book I remember reading on purpose. I was twelve, and I have loved King Arthur stories ever since.

“My king,” he whispered.
For a moment the field was utterly silent. Not a whisper of breeze, not the chirping of a single insect. It was the sound of time turning backward. And then, ringing across the rolling hills came Arthur’s command, rough with tears and pain and loss:
“To arms! Your king calls you to arms!”

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 2


Day two: bookshelf.

This is one of many in the house. Some of my favorite books are here, but not all. Every shelf is two books deep. I may not know what exactly is on each shelf, but I have a general idea where every book is.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 1


May Book Photo Challenge

I’ll try to be good and post these on the right day (I posted this on Instagram on the right day, at least). Day 1: Introduce yourself.

I’m Jen, and I read a lot of books. I’m rereading Robin Hobb’s “Liveship Traders” series right now so I’m ready for her new book coming out this summer.

movin’ on up…again


Thanks to you guys, I moved up from Gondor to Lothlorien in the WQ this week…

Be sure to keep voting!

We rented Spider-man last night. I’ve seen it twice since then smile We’re supposed to watch it one more time so we can have popcorn during it, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen, cause we had a big dinner…Braveheart was on, and so was the second half of Gladiator, with some new footage cut in a la LotR:FotR. So I don’t think we’ll get to it. Thank gosh Blockbuster gives you till noon to return it now.
I got boots for my Legolas costume today. They might be a little small, but leather is supposed to stretch, and the next half size up was too big. Go fig. I’m trying to draw the buckles and closures so my grandpa can make them for me smile
It took me three weeks to finish the ten books of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. Yup, I’m done. That’s 3.3 books per week or .37 books per day smile Tres tres bon. Read them.
I remember why I hate watching television in November. Or at least before election day. ‘This candidate did that. Didn’t do that.’ only to have the opponent totally refute the other ad and basically just piss me off. I’m very happy I know I’m a Democrat and my choice is sort of made for me already. It just bugs me that you can’t ever really know what’s true unless you actually got out there and found the ‘records’ that they’re backing the statements up with. I’m so glad we have the privilege of voting, but I hate politics. I would never willingly chose to be a politician. It’s why I would lose in Survivor. Sure, I’d survive, I could do the physical stunts and maybe even some of the mind game ones, but I could never be savvy enough to ally myself with anyone in hopes of winning. What do you think?