I don’t think I could ever actually live in a house this small (it could never fit all my bookshelves) but this one has a really interesting design and lots of nice touches.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 2


Day two: bookshelf.

This is one of many in the house. Some of my favorite books are here, but not all. Every shelf is two books deep. I may not know what exactly is on each shelf, but I have a general idea where every book is.



Huzzah! Today is my six-year anniversary of starting work at WUMS. One more year and my kids can go to WU for free. My non-existent, not-even-a-twinkle-in-my-eye kids. One day, mom, one day you’ll be a grandmother.
Also: househunting is an exercise in frustration. The hopeful-excited/dejected-disappointed cycle is NOT COOL. Do not want. But I need a place to live and I want that place to be my own, so to the hunt we go.
Thirdly, if you are in want of something to do this weekend, stop by the Kirkwood Festival of Food and Flowers, and see Artists in Bloom, one of which will be my mother. It’s located right across from the Kirkwood City Hall, just a short walk from the Amtrak station, and buddied up with a farmer’s market. Also, Dewey’s Pizza is just up the street. You can’t lose. Hope to see you around!