I used to be able to play piano pretty well, but I could never just sit down and play with someone else. Also, Paris has the coolest train stations around, what with their free pianos just hanging out, waiting for someone to play on them… #paris #piano #ishouldpracticemore #Ishouldpracticeatall

Paris in five minutes


I love Paris and I want to go back something awful. But until I do, there are videos like this.

Paris Day & Night from Teeter-Totter-Tam on Vimeo.

EN. This video is a 5-minute visual journey through Paris in technique of hyper lapse and time lapse. When the city and the weather become the movie directors, and the time becomes the main actor, wonderful views are opened. Turn Captions On, we signed places. Read about creation of the video clip:

FR. Cette video à durée de 5 minutes est le voyage visuel à travers Paris en technique hyperlapse et time-lapse. De merveilleuses vues s'ouvrent, quand la ville et le climat deviennent metteurs en scène, et le temps – un principal acteur. Lire de la création de la vidéo :

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Shooting and video editing
–°onstantine Konovalov and Irina Neustroeva

Music and sound design
Fab Martini

Help in video editing Sergey Akimov

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