Dinosaur kid


JURASSIC PARK was the movie that started my love of soundtracks. It’s the first movie I could remember coming home from the theater and humming the score. Thank you John Williams.

I went through the “I’m going to be a paleontologist!” phase hard when I was a kid (oh yes, I went to Dinosaur Day Camp–my first sculpture, which my parents still have in the basement, was a papier-mache triceratops), and I loved JURASSIC PARK. I don’t recall being scared by it, though maybe that’s because I read the book first (you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?). So perhaps JP was also my first experience with “the book is better.”

I’m looking forward to seeing JURASSIC WORLD this weekend, and I hope it’s good. I can’t help but feel a little manipulated, though, feel that my childhood nostalgia is being taken advantage of. I’ll just have to console myself with oogling Chris Pratt in that case.

What will be the “Hold on to your butts!” quote of this movie?



I don’t think I could ever actually live in a house this small (it could never fit all my bookshelves) but this one has a really interesting design and lots of nice touches.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 11


Day 11: my book boyfriend. Meet Ashe from Elizabeth Haydon’s Symphony of Ages series. My dad brought me the first book in this series as a freebie from his work. I didn’t really care for the cover (which doesn’t have Ashe on it), so I thought about not reading it. It’s a wonderful series, though, and there’s a new book coming out soon. Elizabeth Haydon was the first author to correspond with me via email way back when it was text only. I had a fangirl squee something fierce in the middle of my college dorm.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 10


Day 10: my obsession. My husband tells me my obsession is all books, but Jim Butcher is the only author I live that takes up an entire bookshelf with his works, so I’m going to go with that. The most recent Dresden Files book is homeless because there is no more room on that shelf…

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 9


Day nine’s challenge, which I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete until I remembered Denvention from 2008: photo with an author.

Say hello to me and Patrick Rothfuss! This was taken during WorldCon 2008. He graciously signed my copy of NAME OF THE WIND while we were waiting to get into a panel room.

Bonus: the signed book.

signed by Pat!

NAME OF THE WIND signed by the author.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 8


I’m behind on my reading, since a few of the books I’m in the middle of are rather huge doorstoppers. Day eight of the May book photo challenge: new release. Glenda Larke’s THE LASCAR’S DAGGER came out in April. I still have to write up my review for it over on Aspire Reviews.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 7


Day 7 of the May Book Photo Challenge: childhood book.

My godmother gave me this set of THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA when I was eight or so. Obviously I read the first book much more than any other. I also apparently chewed on it at some point. My favorite thing to do when I was little was to curl over a book with a steaming bowl of ramen noodle soup, so there are quite a few stains where the chicken broth splashed while I was reading. Every so often I try to reread the series, and I always get stuck on the part in THE HORSE AND HIS BOY where the kids encounter the people who each only have one giant foot, so I really don’t remember how the series ends.