This song has been earworming around my head all day and now it has inspired a story snippet. Don’t know where it will go, and of course it’s fantasy. Just recording it here for motivation.

We were in uncharted territory now. The tales and fishwives said the witch could be found beyond the borders of the world, and we had passed the last marker of the great King’s odyssey leagues ago. The fishwives also told us we were courting insanity by leaving what we knew, but finding a hypothetical witch was better than dying, so we walked off the edge of the map.



Got an email from Friere Jesus today. mmm, spam.
Also cleaning out a smelly freezer. Joy.
But the over-priced Josh Groban CD that I got from Hallmark last night was worth it. Even if only for one song. Or two.
It makes me sad to realize that I haven’t written a word of T6R since January. Nothing saved to a file, anyway. There are all sorts of notes and things written on my last hard copy. So if I lose my bag, I’m SOL. But there are other things on my mind. Soon, I hope, I’ll have some time to devote to writing.

(Listening to Josh Groban’s With You)

Have you ever heard of this movie?


There’s a new fantasy movie called Ancanar supposedly coming out sometime this year…it’s an independent movie but it features a search for the elves…sounds interesting…and it’s got some great trailer music! Check it out. I’ve never heard of it before, but it could be interesting…