May Book Photo Challenge: Day 10


Day 10: my obsession. My husband tells me my obsession is all books, but Jim Butcher is the only author I live that takes up an entire bookshelf with his works, so I’m going to go with that. The most recent Dresden Files book is homeless because there is no more room on that shelf…

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 5


Feliz Cinco de Mayo! For today’s photo challenge, I picked a book that frequently made me laugh out loud.

“Polka will never die!” If you enjoy sarcastic humor in the face of sure death (and dinosaurs in Chicago), you’ll like Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. DEAD BEAT is #7 in the series, so don’t start there–the first six books have their share of LOL moments and page-turning action too. The 15th book in the series comes out later this month, and I can’t wait!

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 2


Day two: bookshelf.

This is one of many in the house. Some of my favorite books are here, but not all. Every shelf is two books deep. I may not know what exactly is on each shelf, but I have a general idea where every book is.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 1


May Book Photo Challenge

I’ll try to be good and post these on the right day (I posted this on Instagram on the right day, at least). Day 1: Introduce yourself.

I’m Jen, and I read a lot of books. I’m rereading Robin Hobb’s “Liveship Traders” series right now so I’m ready for her new book coming out this summer.