May Book Photo Challenge: Day 4


Late for Day 4 of May’s book photo challenge: Favorite series.

This one is really hard, because I love so many–how can I pick just one series? But I had to go with Carol Berg’s Lighthouse Duet. Beautiful epic fantasy.

I could have gone with Patrick Rothfuss’ KINGKILLER CHRONICLES, or GRRM’s A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, or Jim Butcher’s DRESDEN FILES or CODEX ALERA, or any of Carol Berg’s other books (try THE BRIDGE OF D’ARNATH series). I just keep going back to these books. They make me happy.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 3


Late, as usual. Challenge day three: quote.

THE FOREVER KING is the first fantasy book I remember reading on purpose. I was twelve, and I have loved King Arthur stories ever since.

“My king,” he whispered.
For a moment the field was utterly silent. Not a whisper of breeze, not the chirping of a single insect. It was the sound of time turning backward. And then, ringing across the rolling hills came Arthur’s command, rough with tears and pain and loss:
“To arms! Your king calls you to arms!”

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 2


Day two: bookshelf.

This is one of many in the house. Some of my favorite books are here, but not all. Every shelf is two books deep. I may not know what exactly is on each shelf, but I have a general idea where every book is.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 1


May Book Photo Challenge

I’ll try to be good and post these on the right day (I posted this on Instagram on the right day, at least). Day 1: Introduce yourself.

I’m Jen, and I read a lot of books. I’m rereading Robin Hobb’s “Liveship Traders” series right now so I’m ready for her new book coming out this summer.