The Elven Brooch


I started making the elven brooch last night. For such a simple-looking thing, it’s pretty difficult to get right. Add to that it’s been some years since I’ve done any clay work, and you might gather it’s been an interesting experience. And I had green thumbs because the clay is super-saturated with color. We’ll see if it looks anything like the real one. And I suppose it doesn’t matter anyway as it’s significantly cheaper. Now if I can only figure out how to make the quiver…and how on earth am I supposed to get the not-knives to California?
Go visit Sara. She’s got a great Matrix layout.
Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Louis Renaissance Festival and I want to go! Should I dress up?

One thought on “The Elven Brooch

  1. Ei

    Yay! Elven Brooch! I wanted it so bad but it cost so much! Anywya, I got your letter alright and I answered right back. Take care!

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