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Click here to decorate your dorm room! I finally got around to writing letters to people today. So, you select Filippino Fellowship members, you’ll get a letter and a little gift or two sometime in the next two to three weeks…that is, if I can make it over to the post office tomorrow. Silly post office only open til 3 pm.
Saw one of my buddies from college today. She’s working at the med school, same as me, but she’s got a proper office, lol. Not the freezer room. Now, everyone looks at me funny when I say my desk is in the freezer room. But see, the “cold room” is where we keep things that need to be refrigerated or frozen. There’s an outer room at 4 deg C and an inner room at -20 deg C. So that’s where we keep things cold. But the “freezer room” has two upright freezers at -80 deg C, but the rest of the room is at well, room temperature. So don’t worry about me getting too cold…that’s just the silly air conditioning in the rest of the building. Anyway. Back to the friend. She’s pregnant, and apparently married to someone else other than she was going out with all through college. Hmm. Didn’t know how to ask about that, so I’ll have to wonder. She did tell me that said previous bf was going to Ghana to interview refugees for immigration. Ghana. Whoa. Made me think of how I haven’t really seen anyone from school, except for the random Ross sighting last week and a few people at the alumni happy hours last year. Sigh. Where did all the people go? I know they’re still around…and still odd to think that I haven’t seen people from high school at all. It would have been nice to have a five-year reunion this summer, and I’m rather surprised that we didn’t, given the avid student council-ness of the people in charge. Ah well. Guess they’ve got lives too…and this way I have more time to become all famous and scientisty. Er. Or finish my book. We’ll see, I suppose.
random commenter’s question: what part of Moonstone do you like best so far?

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