2 days and one thing Bush did right


Two days! Two days! Eek! I’m excited, can you tell? lol. Tomorrow at 10 we’ll be standing in the cold, waiting for the doors to open…hopefully this year we won’t have to crane our necks from sitting too close to the screen…hopefully we’ll get good seats. RotK here we come! Expect an hourly countdown tomorrow wink
I meant to mention this last night when I was waiting for Survivor to finish, but thank goodness they finally captured Saddam Hussein. I do hope he gets what he deserves. Now if they could only catch Osama bin Laden and get the hell out of Iraq I’d be happy. Why does Bush think that spending money and troops so lavishly and continuously (still!) that the place is going to get any better? Eh. I hate politics.
btw, the Spiderman 2 teaser trailer is online. I saw it off a link on yahoo.com but I’m sure that it’s several other places on the web. Whee!