Monday. It’s time to go


but I’ll answer some questions anyway. And yes, I did see RotK again this past weekend, and it was quite good, again. My parents liked it too, though my mother is quite sure she knows why the movie won’t win best picture at the Oscars. Ah well.
Q: Does billy Boyd sing in the Soundtrack? A: Yes, yes he does, and quite well too, on track #5, The Steward of Gondor. Quite a moving scene in the movie. I just love his accent. Go Scotsmen. Also, Viggo Mortensen sings in Elvish on track 17, The Return of the King (a ten minute long track! Viggo only sings a short bit in it.)
Q: Inama Nushif A: Well, if you want to anything about it, I suggest you look at this post or this post (first is better, since it has a link to the composer’s website). Then you should rent the Children of Dune miniseries and watch (and listen) for the scene it’s played over. Such a good scene.
Q: Will Orlando Bloom answer my letter? A: Now how am I supposed to know that? I mean, if I had ever written him a letter mayhap I would know if he responds, but alas, being neither Orlando Bloom nor his publicist I can’t help you.
And in the same vein: Q: Does Billy Boyd fancy me? A: I honestly don’t know, but to make you happy, I’ll say of course. I’ll be sure to pass that onto him the next time I see him… yeah.
I should mention that the midnight premiere started at 12:17 am on 12/17 (by my watch, anyway) and that the reason I see the midnight premiere is because the atmosphere is so much better. For instance, you knew people were going to cheer at the appropriate moments at the MP, but there were only two places for cheering at the saturday matinee…Legolas’ Mumakil moment and Eowyn vs. the Witch King. And there was some polite golf-clapping at the end, vs the rather thunderous applause at the MP…so much more fun at the midnight showing. Where else are you going to find all these people in cloaks yelling at the screen?