Doesn’t someone want to go to Boston with me?


Museum of Science – Lord of the Rings Boston’s MoS is having the only exhibition of the LotR memoribilia and other such things related to the film in the US. I really want to go. It’s there until October…which incidentally is about the time when I should be in Kansas City for the renaissance festival…anyone interested in that?
Jesus, I need more friends. I don’t have anyone to go to the Moonlight Ramble with either, unless Leo or Alex change their minds. Sigh. This is where I missed out being an only child…no built-in trip buddies.

2 thoughts on “Doesn’t someone want to go to Boston with me?

  1. If you convinced Kate to go, I’d lend her my bike… you know me. I’d die on an extended bike ride, with hills and stuff. I’m slow enough and worn out enough with Forest Park!

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