tech support


Sometime last month my printer stopped printing, as in it was apparently using ink as normal, but nothing showed up on the paper. Unfortunately, that was almost exactly a year to the day that I purchased the darn thing (along with my lovely little iBook), so my warranty had expired. I went through email tech support, and followed all the instructions (yes, I did use genuine Epson inks) and nothing helped. It was quite odd to see and hear the printer doing its thing, then have nothing but a blank piece of paper to show for it. So I was refered to the telephone helpline, with the added bonus of not having to pay the $10 per call fee since I’d already troubleshooted (-shot?) by email.
After putting it off a few weeks (I claim an A&P test or two to study for), I finally called last night, and after going through the same bit (and not getting charged for calling, yay!) they determined that it might indeed be hardware failure, and since it was only a few days (weeks, whatever, it’s only been a year) they will send me a brand new printer! And I don’t even have to send back the old one, which, aside from not printing, still works. I had gotten the all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/memory card reader, so I was loathe to just buy a new one (assuming I had the money to do so, anyway).
It won’t be the same model, but from what I hear, the newer model is better. I just have to wait a week, and I should have a new one…
Busy busy busy at work. Hope you all are having a good week. I’m so glad tomorrow is payday.

(Listening to Y98, reading Jim Butcher’s Dead Beat)