I wish


From zen_habits on Twitter, who said, Complete this sentence: I wish my life were more …
Writerly. (Yeah, not a word. But I wish I acted more like an author. This is a wish I can and should make true.)
Exciting. (Though that whole proverb of living in interesting times…perhaps I better stick with the steady job, even though it’s not quite paying me enough)
Clean. (I at least have a path between my bedroom door and my bed, but there’s plenty of room in there for shelves, if I ever stopped buying books enough to have money for some.)
Arty. (I used to draw on everything. Even now, my twitter feed is full of Photoshop and Illustrator resources, and my delicious account has hundreds of links to tutorials on graphic design. One day I will be creative many ways.)
Outdoorsy. (I miss camping. I miss horseback riding. I will go whitewater rafting again someday. I will hike the Rockies again and visit Canada. Maybe.)
Financially secure. (I have money enough, right now, but not quite enough to do what I want to. Hopefully that will change, someday. Until then, I must write.)
I think I can change these things. I’m lazy, as you might have noticed me mention in this blog before, so I’d have to get over the fear and anxiousness of change, but perhaps someday I will.