a sigh of relief


And finally, Orgo is over. I know I did ok in my lab class, though I wish I could get my last paper back. I guess I could email the prof about it…it’d be interesting to see if I actually made any coherent thoughts during that crazy writing. I don’t know about the grade in the lecture. I know that I was farther down the scale than I thought I was, and while I know I didn’t perform spectacularly on the final, there were at least things that I did know…hopefully more than things I didn’t. But at least I can breathe again. No more classes at night, no more labs saturday mornings, at least for a little while. I suppose I might take some classes later, but nothing now.
Although now I get to start studying for the MCATs…and find a new job. Luigi’s saying that someone else in the department might be interested in me, but that I’ve got to spend less time on the computer. Makes me sad. Seems to be a trend. Wish I knew how to be better dedicated to things other than those that make me happiest. If you find out, tell me how.
I really want a boyfriend right about now. Someone to hold me and tell me that it will be alright. Sure, either of my parents would do that and they are both wonderful loving people, but…just not the same. I’m just a little lonely, I guess. And worried. Stressed. Unsure. Slightly less so now that orgo is over, but still…damnit here I go quoting John Mayer, again:

I’m so tired of being alone, so hurry up and get here

On a happier note, forgot to mention that I saw Kingdom of Heaven again last night, after the test. Worked out quite well, really, my dad picked up Stroke of Midnight from the library for me yesterday, swung by after the test and got to have pizza and watch the HBO First Look for KOH, then headed over to Ronnie’s 20 and the big screen. I would have been on time had I not stopped for popcorn, but I think they jumped the gun and actually started the movie exactly when they said they would, or they started the previews way early, since I was only a few minutes late into the theater, but already a few minutes into the movie. ah well. Not like I hadn’t seen it before, and missing two minutes at the beginning doesn’t take too much away from it 😉
I’m glad I got to see it again, for a few reasons. You could appreciate the dialogue more, now that you knew what they were saying. Some of the lines that weren’t clear the first time became clear. There was time to look at other things (other things than Orlando! Hah!). The screen was bigger, so that was nice, and the sound was good too, though the theater was next to another that was showing something with explosions so that didn’t always mesh with what was going on onscreen. Unfortunately there weren’t very many people there, but it was a Wednesday night at 10:20, so I guess that’s not all that unusual. Stayed through the entire credits…apparently they used music from Blade II and a couple of pieces by Graeme Revell which surprised me. I have no idea where they were used, but perhaps Alex will let me borrow his Blade movies someday and I’ll be able to pick it out. Seems odd that they didn’t use all original music, but maybe they were in a hurry. Though the music doesn’t sound like it.
I want to go back and see it again. I do like it, just not some parts of it, and I guess I’m quite picky with the editing. Here’s hoping that the dvd will at least be a director’s cut or somesuch, because there is a lot that got left out. But man, it’s nice to stare at Orlando’s bare stomach on the big screen. I need a guy.

book=Stroke of Midnight, Laurell K Hamilton. Finished in less than 24 hours. Entirely too short.

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  1. that little cousin

    im so happy that orlando actually looked like a man in kingdom of heaven. but i was so sad that the cool german dude at the begining got killed off so quick.
    talked to your mom for a little bit today. and realized i hadnt heard from you in forever.
    guess ill see you around this summer.

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