a sigh of relief


And finally, Orgo is over. I know I did ok in my lab class, though I wish I could get my last paper back. I guess I could email the prof about it…it’d be interesting to see if I actually made any coherent thoughts during that crazy writing. I don’t know about the grade in the lecture. I know that I was farther down the scale than I thought I was, and while I know I didn’t perform spectacularly on the final, there were at least things that I did know…hopefully more than things I didn’t. But at least I can breathe again. No more classes at night, no more labs saturday mornings, at least for a little while. I suppose I might take some classes later, but nothing now.
Although now I get to start studying for the MCATs…and find a new job. Luigi’s saying that someone else in the department might be interested in me, but that I’ve got to spend less time on the computer. Makes me sad. Seems to be a trend. Wish I knew how to be better dedicated to things other than those that make me happiest. If you find out, tell me how.
I really want a boyfriend right about now. Someone to hold me and tell me that it will be alright. Sure, either of my parents would do that and they are both wonderful loving people, but…just not the same. I’m just a little lonely, I guess. And worried. Stressed. Unsure. Slightly less so now that orgo is over, but still…damnit here I go quoting John Mayer, again:

I’m so tired of being alone, so hurry up and get here

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