That’s what I was writing about last, anyway, when I finally won NaNoWriMo this year. A day early, whoo!
Usually my word processor thinks I have about 200 more words than the official NaNo validator does, and that’s what I expected this year–but when I validated the first time, just to see where I was (I was at 45.9k or so) I had lost 800+ words. The next time, at 46.7k, I had lost nearly a thousand. That’s no good. But I resigned myself to writing more…and I did it, just now. Huzzah!
NeoOffice’s final word count: 51219. NaNoWriMo’s word count validator: 50127. I can live with that.
And no, I’m not done with the story yet. Have a teaser:

But the stone was not unfeeling–no, I could see from its eyes, shiver minutely at the touch of the snow on my stone shoulders, hear the explosion as what looked like a gigantic firework burst over our stone heads, the pieces of spell-worked elements raining down over the entire city. One of the motes drifted down onto my shoulder, burning a hole in the snow collected there, leaving an ashy mark on the exposed stone. A similar mote fell onto Kaliyah’s statue, landing on the outstretched hand, the burnt bit resting in her palm. The spelled chemical pulsed once, but did not feel my life in the statue I had become, and I wondered at the person who possessed enough magic to send such a spell into the sky above the entire city, just to search for us.
I’ll try to finish, really. I know I always say that, but I will get to them all eventually. Especially Forging the Forest. I really have to get that one done, or Mike will never forgive me.

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  1. Welcome to the winner’s circle!!!!! *hands you a horseshoe-shaped bouquet of flowers* You can take tomorrow (well, today, really) off if you like, or you can join me in the “Push to the Finish.” It’s a post-Nano event. It involves writing at least 1k a day until we finish the danged novels.
    What do you say?

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